sci-fi movies and sci-fi games also qualify to blogged here, i guess. Anyway I am the Master Control Program here… 😉

A look at the tron costumes made by a fan recently, led me to find out more about tron. _that costume was funny, but this one is good.

Tron was a disney movie released back in 1982. Supposed to be the first movie with rich computer graphics in it. The theme of the movie became very popular and an arcade game was made after the movie. Again an FPS was soon released, indicating a rich fan-following for the TRON. (Screen shots look cool). Also found this site: The Killer list of video games which has a good list of arcade games and related info (Dont look for PC games!).

The movie's theme revolves around getting inside cyber-space! Outrageous, but for a movie in 1982, that is ok, i guess. A programmer is digitized into his company's mainframe by the master control program, after he tries to stop it from taking over control of the whole machine. ( Plot actually goes on that, the Company was doing work in matter-energy conversions and the Mcp captures the control of equipment and digitizes the hero to bring him *inside* the mainframe. Well, the hero finds that the Mcp is really a tyrannical overlord ruling over all other programs. He has to find Tron, the security program which can *fight* this villain to finally bring back everything to normal.

Pretty indecent to the brain of the 21st century, but the movie seems to have had a big geek fan-following, and the movie itself is considered a landmark for computer animation industry. And i thought, the theme vaguely resembles the matrix in many aspects. 😉 . Check out wiki page for tron too. Also this site is a popular tron fansite.

In other matters, saw another good flick yesterday on Zee MGM, Basic. Good one there, actually I lost count how many times the plot flipped. Most of the time you thought the movie ends, there is another one coming…

Expect my blogging activity to reduce, I finally got some work to do at this place…