Looking in, looking out.

March 2, 2009

Ages ago when I used to be too much left-brainy to notice things, my best friend posted  a  picture of my ancestral home’s long corridor, looking into it with a stranger’s eyes. I was so much used to the place to notice the simple beauty of the view.  Here’s my salute to your spirit my friend, in celebrating the beauty of the mundane! This shot is taken from the same place you stood that day admiring, but where you looked in, I am now looking out into the street.

The original for reference without permission 😉 And time to  wake up, man!

5 Responses to “Looking in, looking out.”

  1. Sanjiv Says:

    Nice…looks a lot like the moon shining down on a pond 🙂

  2. sajith Says:

    Vanchi, I gather it from the EXIF that dem’s picture was taken early in the morning, and yours in the afternoon. I think it shows, there are harsh highlights and some shadow details are lost.

    Umm, what I’m trying to say is, you’ll find quality of light is better in the morning and evening. Mundane everyday things will be even more beautiful then!

  3. bookseeker Says:

    @sajith, Yeah. But you don’t know me, I wake up at 11 🙂
    Seriously though, I am trying to change things for better..

  4. dem Says:

    Made me smile. I remember being there, it is a special memory. Thanks for the reminder.

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