8 Boring Things about me

October 22, 2007

This is a reply to a tag. Neither scifi, books, movies. Though, I think I am getting back into more expressive phases of life again. So turn back if you are not interested in an very ordinary life and comeback later for newer posts.

Here it goes. I thought today would be a great day to restart since it’s Vidyarambam. (Actually, I missed today by a minute or so..) Lekha tagged me, and hell; here it goes (She has forbid me from mentioning science fiction. 😦  )

1. I am an incredibly insane critic of myself. Ever worried about embarrassing myself, of committing a mistake. Not in _that sense, I am OK with a couple of silly moments every now and then, nobody’s perfect. Because, only those damn things are etched into memory like hell. 10 years from now, I would be remembering only how I made a mistake, rather than the blasting time we had last weekend when Abdul was in town. Which is sad. I’ve heard this is true for a lot of us. Which is why I am getting a camera to balance it. Real soon.

2. My thought process is weird. Anyone close would tell. I think up extreme scenarios, and worry about them. Every damn semi-serious “situation” becomes a high-adrenaline photo finish. The last couple of months, though, I have surprised myself in this regard.

3. I am complete TV addict. Movies too, and even casual channel browsing can keep me on for hours.

4. I am unbelievably lazy. Think of doing the bare minimum required to exist. Like disliking traveling, though would love to see new places. That sort of lazy.. 🙂 Hope someone cracks teleportation in my lifetime.

5. I do not sleep much. Infact I hate it. My day always ends with the feeling of not having enjoyed to the full. Getting up in the morning is a different issue altogether 😉

6. I hate being alone. And ya, I am a bit shy and reserved. (this is taking enormous effort).

7. I hope to live forever, because someone might find a way to, in our lifetime 🙂  I am getting extremely bored writing this. I am probably going to mention the “word”.

8. I am fond of ideas presented in convoluted/alternate ways. Which is probably I like scifi (Oops).  In the end, something should “strike” to the mind. It need not be clever, but it needs to be beautiful and carefully done. Just that, there should be several layers to it, just as in how we see things around us.

OK. So that’s over.

I don’t think I will tag anyone, though, I would like a lot of people to come out of hibernation. Especially CT and Fatz. 🙂 And Subbu, don’t go into the silent mode, please.

I read a couple of very interesting books. Kurt Vonnegut’s Time Quake, etc. Will write my opinion later, though you can pick it up without waiting for it.