Ubuntu 5.10 and flock

October 21, 2005

Installed Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger on the laptop.

Had to boot with acpi=off and irqpoll option, and everything works. Everything that matters atleast, like sound, usb mouse, and wireless(!). Except ofcourse my cd/dvd writer does not work properly ..yet. This version looks clean, and i had to install only once, unlike 5.04 which I had to install thrice.

And I am blogging this from the Flock beta browser. Maybe, when it matures from it’s current buggy age, I will switch to it.

Some very good movies

October 10, 2005

I have been watching a few good movies nowadays. Here is a list of the important ones, that you must not miss.

1. Princess Mononoke

A movie by the master of Animation, Hayao Miyazaki, it talks about the adventures of a tribal prince. He is infected by a poisonous stain when he saves his village from a boar spirit. The search leads him right into the middle of a grand conflict between Eboshi – the Lady of Iron Town and Princess Mononoke – the princess of the forest. The movie symbolizes the tussle between nature and the resource seeking destructive humans. Gods of Wolves and boars and apes and their tribes (who appear intelligent) lead the fight to the ever-greedy humans. The best thing in the movie is that all characters possess both good and bad sides, which will put the audience in a moral dilemma. If you liked this movie, you can watch Spirited Away by the same director too. (A friend told me that it felt like Alice in Wonderland in a different setup,… Maybe. Maybe some Wizard of Oz too. But it was thoroughly enjoyable and refreshingly different.)

2. Memento

Christopher Nolan (of Batman Begins fame) directs(& scripts) this beautiful movie where the protagonist suffers from short-term memory disorder. The hero cannot create new memories after he is injured when he tries to save his wife from getting raped and killed. He can keep a context only for a few minutes(after which he forgets everything after the incident, and starts with a fresh “Now where am I?”). He is out to avenge his wife’s murderer. This is a very intense movie. Please donot expect it to be a normal thriller.

3. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

This is one brilliant movie. You will see Jim Carrey in a really different role. He does serious roles as easily as he shines in comedy. Kate Winslet plays her part to perfection. The plot of the story is again based on memory. Both of them have managed to erase each other from after they have a bitter fight. I should not say any more, or it will spoil the fun. Charlie Kaufman won the Oscar for writing this story. And rightly so. Of the three, I liked this one the best.

Please approach this movies with patience, and without any expectation. (because that is how I did it). And ofcourse your mileage may vary.