Finally found a way to make wireless work in Ubuntu on my Acer 4601 NWLMi.
The problem: A hardware switch which turns wireless ON and OFF. Otherwise linux has drivers for my Intel Pro B/G Wireless card.

How I did it:

  • Booted with irqpoll kernel parameter (I donno if this helped)
  • Installed latest version of acerhk driver (acer hot keys)
  • After loading the module, did

$ echo off > /proc/drivers/acerhk/wireless_led (Surprise, isn’t it)

  • pressed wireless hardware switch till iwconfig showed TxPower= “some value other than off” (should work on the second time or so)
  • turned eth0 (wireless device) ON in network-admin( Restart it)
  • Set iwconfig eth0 key s:(ASCII WEP key)

ESSID is already set using network-admin.
After this wireless works. Acerhk driver version = 0.5.27, ipw2200 version = 0.16
After doing all this circus, that bloody hardware switch will work perfectly minus the yellow led.
So only way to know the status is to ping. (And hope for the best)

In other news, today is Onam, Kerala’s harvesting festival. So I had a nice little OnaSadya at a nearby place with friends. It is remembered as the day of return of the great Emperor Mahabali from Netherworld to visit his subjects. Nothing really goes without the religious twist, isn’t it? But it has really become a festival of coming back. Lot of people go back during this time to their homes in Kerala, due the vacation. So it’s celebration time for all people, regardless of religion.

Finally, the point of this great paragraph is, I am stuck here with work. (*grinds his teeth)

Wish you all a nice and sweet Onam.