Van Helsing

July 12, 2004


Had a glorious time at the movies. It was certainly a truck load of fun watching the movie. [There are going to be spoilers, all along]

Disclaimer: I am not a good reviewer, my favourite movies are not considered good movies generally.

Enter the medieval James Bond, fully equipped with his MI6 equivalent ‘Church’ 🙂 and his own Q. Only, he doesn’t say “the name is helsing, Van Helsing” (appropriately so).
Church has recruited Van Helsing to fight eeevil. And they say, they are humanity’s last line of defense. [In background, we see sikh, muslim and buddhist priests feverishly working on inventing ways of killing vampires and what-nots]. He is sent on a mission to destroy Dracula, the evil lord terrorising the land of Transylvania. The priest also talks about the family who has dedicated itself to destroying the vampire for 9 generations, and they are running out of family now 🙂 [We see later, that they remind u of the dodos in ‘ICE AGE’. Their plan of attacking the Dracula never goes beyond swords and daggers , even fists 🙂 bad luck they didn’t have Buffy/Angel in those days]

And our hero reaches there, kills some of the beasts in spectacular fashion using his gadgets, turns into a werewolf and kills the poor dracula, who was plotting to take over the world with his children 🙂 [There now, he is almost doctor eeevil with all sparky equipment and dead bodies and everything else]

Spectacular action, this is what a comic book is to novels w.r.t movies. You have to agree that comics has a different appeal, a different flavour, which you will enjoy as much as reading a book. IMO, the movie was made in exactly the same spirit, spectacular action analougus to spectacular frames. Hats off..