The majestic Hippogriff and Epic duels

June 27, 2004

Recent movie outings.

Watched some interesting movies this month,

Harry Potter 3 wud be the pick of the lot. The hippogriff ‘buckbeak’ was the most memorable thing in the movie. All scenes of his, were portrayed beautifully, and one could not stop becoming younger again, watching him. Book vs Movie apart, the movie provided brilliant visuals; and some of the charm of the book was lost,[spoiler] when they decided to keep the flash-back story of 3 animagus and the werewolf out.[/spoiler]

Troy turned out only to be a not-disappointing movie( hmm, so there _is_ some disappointment). The war scenes were average, the only interesting parts being the fight between Hector and Achilles. Infact, the duels were shot very well. The whole story is pointless, and maybe only serves the purpose of depicting that war is a very stupid idea from the beginning. (which is a pretty big point, isn’t it? But thats is not directly implied ..)

Lakshya was another outing, Expected too much from the director of DCH. That could be the reason why it was slightly disappointing. The much hyped song sequence is worth watching, and some mountain climbing scenes during the war were very interesting. If only the director had used better camera techiques to show the war scenes, this wud have become a brilliant movie. But again, he is no steven spielberg. He is a budding director making his second movie. The theme and plots he chose for a second movie shows that he is a promising director. He need not worry, because there are these hardcode fans of his (and Hrithik) like my friend who enjoyed every bit of this movie and are eager for the next.

Meanwhile work has caught up with me, 🙂 and I will be very busy for sometime. There will be not much time to write. I am really wondering, how I came back to blogging when there is so little time to write. Who knows, I might still find time to squeeze in some reading in my life.

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