Spiderman, Daredevil

June 9, 2004

Living on comics.

A spurge of courage and probably some misconception as to having a lot of cash ๐Ÿ˜‰ above all irresistable urge to enjoy the colors and lines of dark and fiery sketches; led my friend to buy a dozen scattered/battered issues of marvel comics. A lot of Xmen, spiderman, daredevil and even a deceptive Batman (which had a spiderman cover). Oh ya, some of them Hulk too.

The issue that truely killed me, was the one in which both spidey and DD together fight the devil himself. There ain’t no limits! ๐Ÿ™‚

Till now, Daredevil has proved to be my favourite, which is satisfyingly dark. I remember reading an issue of Silversurfer, which had; like; the most majestic language I’ve ever read. {Yea, the same guy who surfs the space on a surf-board or whatever. It might look ridiculus, but inside was some of the most majestic narratives and equally competing visuals. Just ONE issue made me a swear-by fan}

These have probably saved my reading habits, which took a plunge after buying the movie script based book Chronicles of Riddick. I have nothing against the movie or the plot, but the language of the book had almost killed my brain. The story looks good, but I am afraid to continue with the book, for it might just slaughter every thing good in it. Anyhow, proceed at your own risc. History provides enough evidence that I am anyway going to watch it.

Or probably, I am having simply no patience.

A good reason for Avatar (mentioned in the previous post) not making to the studio, would be that humans are the villians, and they are totally slaughtered like most other villians in the end.

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